‘Gay cure therapy’ activist caused anger addressing to the Harvard students


An ‘ex-gay’ advocate spoke to students at Harvard University last week though the announcement of her speech faced strong opposition and protest. Evangelical campaigner Jackie Hill Perry claims to have been “saved from a lifestyle of homosexual sin”, and regularly appears in Christian media to state that if your Christian faith is strong enough you can stop being gay. The event organisers had claimed ahead of the event that she was there to “foster respectful dialogue about sexual ethics for Christians” agreeing that there will be no place for homophobia and ‘gay cure therapy’ should not be promoted. But the speechmaker herself insisted that she believes gay Christians to be broken people who should choose – either their relationships or Jesus. There is not such a thing as being born gay, but there is such a thing as being born broken, broken by sin. The model for how we are to deny ourselves, whether that applies to our greed, to our lust, self-denial is not optional for the Christian,” she said, adding that according to the Bible everyone in Christ is a new creation and if people decide to devote their life to Jesus then He cleans them of all sins. It does not explain why there are millions of LGBT Christians and thousands of LGBT-supportive churches. Anyway, Jesus loves everyone, INCLUDING gay people, Ms Perry is unable to deny it.


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