Bookmakers make suggestions about the name of Tom Daley’s baby


Bookmakers believe that if Tom Daley and his husband Dustin Lance Black have a boy then he is likely to be named Robert after Tom’s father who died of cancer in 2011 aged just 40, Tom was just 17 when he lost his father.Current odds have the name at 9/4, far ahead of the next favourite for a boy’s name, James, which stands at 6/Bookies seem near-certain that the child will be a boy, as five of the top seven most likely names being typically male, with Oliver, Richard and Chris all apparently in the running. And if they have a daughter, bookmakers suggest she is going to be named Charlotte because Daley is British and this name gained popularity in the UK since prince William had named his daughter like that. There are also suggestions that Daley as a diver can give his child a water-related name like Ursula, Splash or Poseidon.


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