Gay Mexican was arrested applying for USA citizenship


Jose “Ivan” Nunez, 37, was detained after a hearing at the Philadelphia office of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by ICE officials. The man’s spouse Paul Frame was ushered out of the hearing and that is why his husband was unaware at first that Nunez was taken to the federal custody. The Mexican was at the USCIS hearing to have his marriage to Frame formerly successfully recognized, but now the authorities insist that the man crossed the boarder illegally when he came to the USA 8 years ago. It is “standard practice” for ICE agents to be notified if immigrants with deportation warrants are at USCIS offices, a spokesperson for USCIS confirmed, but Gonzalo Peralta, Nunez’ immigration attorney, said that it is uncommon to capture people in such cases. He criticized the way the arrest was carried out, noting that prior to the Trump administration it was nearly unheard of the see people detained during proceedings.Frame said that he feels the arrest was unjust because his husband was trying to get his citizenship legally.


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