Lesbian couple sues Trump administration for forbidding them to foster


A Texan lesbian couple is suing the Trump administration for not being allowed to foster the children of refugees. Fatma Marouf and Bryn Esplin have begun legal proceedings against the US Health and Human Services department of the federal government and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. They insist that denying their right in fostering violates their basic rights guaranteed by Constitution. According to the couple, administrators of their local Catholic Charities branch (Catholic Charities Fort Worth) invited Fatma to learn more about the charity’s work from the point of view of foster caring. During an interview with Fatma and Bryn, the couple were allegedly told that they would be unsuitable as foster carers because they ‘don’t mirror the holy family’. Fatma said: “Refugee children have been through enough trauma to last a lifetime. They need love, stability, and support, which Bryn and I have in abundance. But in discriminating against us, the agency put their religious views of LGBT people above what is best for the kids in their care.” Bryn added: “Being denied the opportunity to foster a child because we don’t ‘mirror the Holy Family’ — clearly code for being a same-sex couple — was hurtful and insulting to us. More than that, though, insisting on such a narrow, religious view of what a family must look like deprives these children of a nurturing, supportive home.”


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