Maryland gov candidate chooses lesbian business owner as a running mate


The Democratic candidate for Maryland governor has chosen a lesbian business owner to help him to fight against agenda across the state. Alec Ross has selected Julie Verratti, a craft beer brewer who worked for the Obama administration, to lead his campaign on the way to be a governor. The Owner of Denizens Brewing Co said that she hopes her business acumen will help them two to succeed and she will be able to stengten her business and make it bigger in future. “What I really wanted first and foremost was someone who was really focused on the future, who was focused on what’s next,” Ross said when asked why he had chhosen this woman as a running mate,“I wanted someone with executive experience.” We’re really focused on the economy and the changing nature of the world that we live in,” Verratti said. “People are hungry for new leadership.”


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