Pakistani boy scouts allowed trans people to join ranks


A group of 40 transgender people have joined the Boy Scouts in Pakistan which is a really special moment in the history of the country which often makes headlines with it notorious trandsphobia and numerous attacks on the members of trans community. The group of trans activists made history in the country biggest group, which is based in Karachi, when they took their Scouts’ oath last week, reminding that despite the gender-marking name there is no official statement or ruling which would define the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association (PBSA) as a gender-specific organisation. In Pakistan, the group works to support young people in their development – and the PBSA admits that people need support whether they are cis or trans. Atif Amin Hussain, the commissioner of the local IPC Sindh Boys Scouts, said that the PBSA declares itself as an organisation open for everybody regardless of gender, race, origin etc.


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