Teen Mom 2 star David Eason fired for homophobic tweets


MTV has reportedly fired Teen Mom 2 star David Eason after he allegedly tweeted that gay and trans people were ‘fleas’. Star of hit MTV show Teen Mom 2 David Eason has sparked controversy after comments he made which included Eason claiming that his kids would not be taught to be LGBT. Actually, nobody is taught to be LGBT. Was Eason himself taught how to be straight? It is rather unlikely, so it does not work this way. In a statement to PEOPLE, MTV said that the comments did not represent the network and with 6 weeks left before the film is out they fired him and broke all connections not top be associated with him and his views. The rant was reportedly started over a discussion of gun control and laws regarding weapons in American schools but then began to hit out at LGBT people and parents. Eason’s Twitter account has been deactivated since the tweets were allegedly written, however several users of the social media site have posted screenshots that they attribute to him.


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