How to say ‘will you marry me’ with an…. avocado?


‘Put the ring in it’ Beyonce once said and it is hard to disagree that an engagement ring is really one of the key elements that makes proposal proposal. We have seen dozens of romantic movies where the question was popped and a small velvet box was given as a sign of immortal love and faithfulness. But what if to replace a velvet box with something more exotic and… eatable? As if we hadn’t found enough ways to utilise the overpriced millennial staple food, people are now legitimately storing engagement rings in the middle of avocados after removing the pip. Taylor Selby shared a photo of her boyfriend popping the question with an avocado last year and the hashtag #avocadoproposal started getting trendy. Another couple was pictured with one of them halfway through their avocado snack when her partner got on one knee for the avo-gagement. It does not metter where to put a ring – the only thing which matters is to see this ring on the finger of your beloved when they say the miost long-awaited ‘yes’!


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