Racist gay man kills neighbor and worries about homophobia


Stanley Vernon Majors, 63, had been found guilty of first-degree murder, malicious intimidation and harassment earlier this month over the killing of his neighbour Khalid Jabara, 37. Majors’ attorneys, who had sought an insanity plea, told the court that Majors had a string of irrational beliefs about the Jaraba family, whom he considered to be homophobic because they were from Lebanon and this country ha a very poor record on LGBT rights. He believed them to be Muslims though they were Christians who left Lebanon in order to escape religious persecution.Majors who had a history of making racist comments to the Jarabas, was described as a hateful bigot by prosecutors. He previously described them as “Aye-rabs and Mooslems”, “dirty Arabs,” and “flithy Lebanese”, the court heard. And some time ago he had been already arreested for intentionally running into Mr Jaraba’s mother with his car, causing her serious injuries.


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