Sir Elton John confused fans of Ed Sheeran by mispronouncing his name


Taking to the BRITs 2018 last night, veteran star Elton John caused a scandal without even attending the award directly. Sir Elton used video conference to announce that the Global Success award is to be given to his friend, a great musician, an incredible songwriter, a person who does what he loves and loves what he does, who is not afraid to be the way he is, who is down-to-earth however high he climbs and that is why he is so loved… And the majority of sheerios (Ed Sheeran’s fans) are ready to put their signatures under every word. But there is one ‘but’ – complimenting the ginger-haired pop star Sir Elton got lost and forgot where to put the stress. Literally. Though he called the ‘Shape of you’ author his friend, he pronounced his last name as ‘shir-run’, stressing on the second syllable. Of course, the Youtube users did not leave it without attention and noted what a SHEER mistake it was. But most of the users in fact agreed that the two know each other for years and Sir Elton could not be unaware of the way his name should be pronounced, so he just joked.


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