Straight man was warned not to change his surname because ‘people could think he’s gay’


Property manager Wayne Harding revealed that after getting married his boss warned him about changing his name taking his wife’s last name believing that in this case people would think that he is married to a man. Harding married his wife Debbie in 2016 and called the decision to change his name from Nell to his wife’s a ‘no-brainer’ as he wanted to have the same name as his stepdaughter. ‘How lovely!’ some may say. But not the man’s boss. Harding said how his boss was irritated for not discussing his name change with him first, claiming that it could be harmful for the company’s reputation and it would cause decreasing of clients. “He said people would assume I was in a same-sex marriage and that I would need to make it clear in my email signature that I had married a woman.It was offensive and I felt like he had singled me out,” Harding continued.


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