Trans kids give inspiration to millions


Five transgender kids aged 12 to 16 came to NBC’s morning show Megyn Kelly Today where they said that however happy they are of being trans, their gender identity is not everything they are. They are all special and unique, they are personalities. They have a light in their hearts and they are going to shine! The teens are part of The GenderCool Project, started by mothers Jennifer Grosshandler and Gearah Goldstein to show everyone that people can be talented, strong, creative and powerful regardless of their gender identity. “We all have different sides and different faces and different angles, and each of those different parts make up the whole beautiful gem. One of those parts is being transgender for us, but that is not the entire diamond,” said 15-year-old trumpet player Landon. He believes that people can be whoever they want – doctors, politicians, artists, dancers, musicians – and the combination of all these features makes them beautiful. Of course, one can be proud of particular features (being trans, tall, brunette, left-handed and so on), but every person is an entity – complicated, mysterious and really fascinating!


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