Women’s Equality Party sacks official who accused parents of trans kids of child abuse


The Women’s Equality Party has sacked an official spokeswoman because of her views on transgender rights. Heather Brunskell-Evans, who had been a key member of the party, faced a probe after apparently being connected with trans-exclusionary feminist movement. The campaigner, who is also a research fellow at King’s College London, has been a prominent critic of parents who support their transgender children and help them with transition. The Women’s Equality Party had opened a probe into the official last year after she made an appearance on a BBC programme in which she described accepting parents of transgender children as “abusive”, later facing tonnes of complains from watchers that forced her to resign issuing the following statement: “Today [the Women’s Equality Party] have reached the conclusion to their investigation. They say they recommend I do not continue in my role as Party Spokeswoman for violence against women and girls to take effect immediately.I will not appeal and I resign my membership.”


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