A suit designer faced homophobic abuse for same-sex love campaign


Suitsupply released its Spring ad campaign this week, but lost over ten thousand followers on social networks because of two men kissing in the campaign which was branded by Twitter users as disgusting and going too far in pushing the political agenda and making a content sexually explicit. But in a statement released after the launch, CEO, Fokke de Jong said the backlash was anticipated, but that the brand stands by its decision –
they will stand for equality and diversity, their clients are different and proud to be different and their goal is to satisfy their needs. “It was something that we anticipated as it is a topic that many people feel personally and passionately about. We do not aim to and cannot control the reactions, however, the new followers and positive messages that have been prominent in our social media is a good indicator that this campaign has been well received and has impacted many people positively. It’s amazing what one kiss can do,” statement reads


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