Google fired queer transgender engineer for arguments with anti-LGBT co-workers


Court documents filed in San Francisco show that Tim Chevalier is suing Google for retaliation, hostile work environment and remaining indifferent to the discrimination on basis of gender identity. In June 2016, the suit claims, Chevalier responded to a colleague who wrote on the company’s messaging platform that they consider same-sex relationships to be out of moral. Chevalier, who also identifies as disabled, replied that “such comments create a permission structure for violence and discrimination,” particularly as they came weeks after the Orlando massacre, the suit states adding that Google working environment was far from being inclusive and supportive. “Human Resources explicitly told Chevalier that Google was ending his employment because of his political statements in opposition to the discrimination, harassment, and white supremacy he saw being expressed on Google’s internal messaging systems,” the suit claims. Google spokesman said that the employees are aware of the company’s rules and if they don’t follow them they are sacked, regardless of gender identity and\or views.


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