Orlando survivor spoke out about Parklnad


A survivor of the Orlando massacre has emotionally slammed lawmakers for being so indifferent to mass shootings that are taking place in the country over and over again, so the lesson of the Orlando tragedy 1.5 years ago was not learnt. Brandon Wolf lost best friends Christopher Andrew “Drew” Leinonen and Juan Ramon Guerrero – Drew’s boyfriend – during the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in 2016 and the only thing he wished in his life is not to see anything like that happening again. But we still see what we see. “We victims and survivors are done negotiating with you,” he said referring to politicians who still cannot control the gun possession in the country. “Americans are done dying for you. And our children are done being your sacrifices. The NRA bankrolling us has turned our country into a war zone. You can either fix this nightmare or write your concession speeches.”


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