Police admit they nearly missed evidence in Bruce McArthur’s case


Police say a Canadian gardener charged with the deaths of five men could have still been loose today because the majority of evidence remains uncovered. Bruce McArthur, a freelance landscaper, stands accused of killing at least five men whose bodies he apparently hid in his clients’ gardens.Sources told CBC that officers believed the man to be in imminent danger at the scene, and subsequently arrested McArthur. Police admitted to The National that had one victim been reported missing later, they might not have tracked down McArthur and because of this accidental report many evidence were uncovered. “Andrew Kinsman was reported within 72 hours,” said Det.-Sgt. Hank Idsinga. McArthur is said to have met the men on gay dating apps under the screen names ‘silverfoxx51’ and‘Bear411’ while driving around Toronto in his white van. He appeared in court for the first time last week via video link wearing an orange jumpsuit. He spoke only to state his name and stared into the video camera broadcasting his image in a crowded courtroom.


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