A city is sued for banning Pride


Local politicians in Starkville, Mississippi – which has a population of 25,000 – had voted to deny an application from a local LGBT group to hold a Pride event in the city because of 2 locals who objected the plans. However, the conservative-controlled Board of Aldermen swiftly passed a motion to block the plans. Four Aldermen – Roy A. Perkins, Ben Carver, David Little and Henry Vaughn voted down the proposals, while, three – Sandra Sistrunk, Jason Walker and Patrick Miller – voted to support the parade. But civil rights groups are strongly dissatisfied and they are starting a legal action. Roberta Kaplan, a seasoned defender of LGBT rights who previously took an equal marriage fight to the Supreme Court, has confirmed she is representing Starkville Pride and the group’s leader, stating that forbidding the Pride was a violation of basic human rights and freedom of speech, so it should not be left the way it is.


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