Potential bosses are interested whether you are gay, bi, straight or…. Danish


The diversity section of one unknown company’s job application has been leaked, and it asks hopefuls a bog-standard question with a quite unexpected choice of answers. Twitter user _youhadonejob1 shared a shot from the online application in which candidates were asked to identify their sexual orientation. The drop-down list included your stand options such as heterosexual, gay man, bisexual and gay woman. The fifth sexuality listed was “Danish”. The tweet exploded and thousands of people tried to decipher what does it mean referring to sexuality. “Mom. Dad. I have to tell you something important… I’m Danish. *Parents gasp in horror* WHERE DID WE GO WRONG!?” one of the users joked. As far as we know, Danish isn’t one of the many sexualities that exist, and the option is probably meant to read something along the lines of “other”.


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