Australia’s new Deputy PM used to say that gay people could destroy humanity


Barnaby Joyce, an opponent of same-sex marriage who ran on a traditional family values platform, resigned as Deputy PM following his scandalous divorce and pregnancy of his mistress. The right-wing National Party, which governs as part of the Liberal-National Coalition government, met today to elect Michael McCormack as its new leader, so he automatically took the post. The politician is notorious for a 1993 column in which he blamed gay people for AIDS, and demanded LGBT Pride parades to be forbidden, saying that gay people were a ‘disease’ and they would not stop committing their ‘unnatural acts’ until humanity is destroyed. Later he apologized for the comments and even spoke in support of marriage equality. “I have grown and learnt not only to tolerate, but to accept all people regardless of their sexual orientation or any other trait or feature which makes each of us different and unique. I apologized wholeheartedly for the comments at the time and many times since, but I am making this statement to unreservedly apologize again today,” he said.


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