High Court in Kenya debates decriminalizing homosexuality


Former British colonies like Kenya are still suffering from anti-gay laws that haven’t been repealed for centuries. The situation changes rather slowly but Kenyan judges announced that they are ready to consider the next step. The case, which was first filed in 2016, aims to challenge the discriminatory sections Kenyan Penal Code which defines homosexual activity between adults as illegal. Filed on Thursday, a group of human rights lawyers under the organisation the Kenyan National Gay and Lesbian Rights Commission (NGLHRC) has argued against the sections of the Kenyan Penal Code that forbid same-sex relationships and and will await a group of the highest judges in the country to make a decision on whether it is possible to finally decriminalize them. “The ruling is important because the continued existence of laws that criminalize consensual same sex relations in Kenya allow for the continued discrimination, harassment and violence of the LGBT community. Laws like this label the LGBT community as criminals, when in fact they are not,” said said Kari Mugo, the Operations Manager of NGLHRC


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