Orangeman Grand Master walks lesbian daughter down the aisle, though the organization opposes LGBT rights


An Orangeman has been praised for attending his daughter’s civil ceremony though his organization is LGBT-exclusionary. The Orange Order’s Grand Master, Spencer Beattie, who is the leader of the Protestant fraternal group, proudly walked his daughter Lesa Beattie down the aisle as she married her partner, Melanie Atkinson. He said he is for equality and support people’s right in making their own choices. As for his daughter, she knows that her daddy loves her the way she is and supports her no matter what.Beattie, who was installed as the society’s Grand Master on Valentine’s Day, has been praised for being “a father first and an Orangeman second.” As it stands, LGBT+ people are banned from the Protestant fraternal order, which could mean that the Grand Master will land himself in trouble with some fellow Orangemen. The previous Grand Master of the organisation, Stuart Brooker, said that gay people could no join the protestant order because homosexuality was considered wrong.


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