This make-up artist is visiting transgender prisoners to teach them how to be beautiful


A make-up artist who has specialised in a line of trans-inclusive make-up has been visiting British prisons to teach transgender women to make accents on their beautiful features by means of cosmetics. Jessica Blackler was contacted by a group of trans make-up artists at Parc Prison in South Wales, decided to offer make-up lessons to the prisoners when she found out about how hard their life is because of being unable to express their femininity. As items such as eyeliner and mirrors can be constituted as weapons in a prison environment, it is difficult for women in a prison to access make-up. And for those who may be transitioning or denied hormonal treatments in prison it is even harder because they cannot show the world who they are. “The trans women aren’t all kept together on one ward, so prison can be a very isolating experience for them- more so than for cisgender prisoners- and they often face violence and discrimination because of their gender identity from the other inmates,”said Blackler. She wanted all trans women to get together and to spend some time in a girloish environment. The artist has said that the visits have allowed her to celebrate some key moments and milestones in these women’s lives. During her last visit, she applied make-up to a prisoner who was about to see her mother for the first time in years.


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