Bisexual Parkland survivor does not hold tears speaking about the shooting


Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez has opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about a terrible tragedy she had experienced. Gonzalez, the bisexual head of Stoneman Douglas High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance, is an LGBT activist and one of the loudest voices among survivors to speak out about the shooting. But her heart is not made of stone and she cannot hold emotions speaking about it. And in an emotional appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Gonzalez told Ellen about the moment when she had noticed a shooter in her school. “I was in the auditorium, and we’d already had a fire alarm earlier in the day, so a second one seemed really random,” she told the host, “I didn’t even know it was a real thing until somebody outside of the school texted me 40 minutes later, saying: ‘Are you okay?’ and I was like: ‘Oh gosh, this is the news – this is real.’”The high school senior memorably repeated the phrase “We call BS” about politicians (mostly Republicans) who don’t believe that schoolboys and schoolgirls are mature enough to speak out about some serious social issues.


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