Former Equalities minister Maria Miller says media are transphobic


Former Conservative equalities minister Maria Miller has lashed out at mainstream media outlets that often speak out against transgender community. She said that the newspapers are free to print whatever they want, there is a freedom of speech in the country. But hurting other people and threatening them cannot be accepted in any shape. Trans women, who are raped, killed and abused, should be protected by the media, but instead they are only slammed and targeted. “I have sat down with Rape Crisis, I’ve sat down with Women’s Aid, I’ve sat down with Refuge, and all of them are already incredibly supportive of trans women and the appalling situations they find themselves in. And to paint this as something which is a problem for them is so wrong,” Miller continued, “And I think that those who are writing in this way really need to ask themselves some questions about the facts, as opposed to anything else.”


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