‘Frozen’ director replied to watchers demanding a lesbian Elsa


The popular Disney film did not show any romantic storyline with princess (later – queen) Elsa. But it showed her struggle with accepting the gift of freezing she was born with and learning to live with it. Many people saw themselves in Elsa. Of course, not so many (hardly anyone) have a gift of freezing, but many of us know how difficult it may be to accept who you are, especially when you differ from others. So the watchers started suggesting that Elsa might be gay. Frozen star Idina Menzel has previously hinted that she’d love a lesbian plotline for Elsa, and co-creator Jennifer Lee left the door decidedly open in an interview this week, saying that it is great that people talk about Elsa and they make suggestions about what might happen with her further. She did not leave the public indifferent, they want her story to go on. “For me … Elsa’s every day telling me where she needs to go, and she’ll continue to tell us. I always write from character-out, and where Elsa is and what Elsa’s doing in her life, she’s telling me every day. We’ll see where we go,” Lee said.


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