Millwall football club hosts campaigner who says raising trans kids is ‘abusive’


Millwall Football Club is set to host an ‘anti-trans’ activist who has been suspended from the Labour Party and an academic who said that parents of transgender kids were ‘child abusers’. The club is the venue of upcoming event ‘Transgenderism and the War on Women’, which is set to take place on Wednesday March 14, including a number of anti-trans activists. One panellist at the event, Australian academic Sheila Jeffreys, claims on her personal website that “parents who encourage this [transgender] idea in children are involved in a form of child abuse”. Trans activists criticised the club’s decision to host the event on social media, branding the panellists “anti-trans” campaigners. At a previous event under the We Need To Talk banner, campaigner Linda Bellos said she would attack trans women, but later clarified that only for self-defence.


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