Alex Jones is begging teenage Parkland survivor to let him stay on Youtube


The conspiracy theorist has repeatedly questioned the details of the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, which left 17 dead. This has led YouTube to give InfoWars two strikes over the past two weeks for promoting the ridiculous theories about the attack, its victims and survivors. YouTube contacted the channel to state that its videos “What Is To Blame For The Florida High School Shooting?” and “The Trust About Crisis Actors In The Florida Shooting@ has been removed as well. According to the site’s guidelines, another strike in the next two-and-a-half months will see InfoWars banned from YouTube where it had more than 2 million followers. After seeing Jones’ attacks on him and his classmates, Hogg – one of the most vocal student activists from Parkland – demanded explanations from Jones via social media. “My YouTube channel with 2+ billion views has now been frozen after CNN lobbied for it to be closed in your name. Again Mr Hogg, in your name CNN has shut down my speech on YouTube. It is critical that you come out and support the 1st Amendment and not let them use you to end free speech. You are now a public figure & activist. You are not immune to criticism. We know your views on the 2nd amendment. Do you support the 1st?” Jones asked in respond.


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