Bisexual Nigerian is named a curse by her own family


Kelechi Chioba, 37, first came to the UK in 2011 for university. After graduation she did not want to come back to Nigeria where she is abused verbally and her family members were beating her every single day just because she was bisexual. She first sought out asylum based on the abuse she was subjected to her disability.
She has polio and uses wheelchair. Chioba has since successfully applied for asylum a second time, listing the dangers she faced because of her sexuality, as same-sex relationships are illegal in Nigeria. At home, her parents used to tell her that she “shouldn’t be born” that she was a “curse”, a “cross” and “useless”. They also said that she would “never amount to anything” and that she would “only be a sex object to men”. The Nigerian activist added that there were “no services or support for disabled people” . She said of disabled Nigerians: “Discrimination and inequality they experience in every aspect of their lives. Most of them are tortured to death by their family. No implemented laws put in place to secure them. Most of them can’t afford to get educated because people around and family consider it as a waste of money. Most of them are sexually abused and used for rituals”.


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