Chemsex and legal highs influence drug usage in general


The way that drugs are being used is being affected by the rise in popularity of chemsex and legal highs according to the brand new study. A study carried out by the criminology department of Manchester Metropolitan University found that people don’t use class A substances (crack, heroine) as often as synthetic substances (spice etc.). Crystal methamphetamine and ephedrine are also increasing in popularity, especially among those drugtakers who are gay. However ecstasy dropped down in popularity. Dr Rob Ralphs and Dr Paul Gray interviewed 53 drug users and 31 staff members of different substance-related services in the city. They found that the drug and alcohol treatment services, the police, homeless day centres and sexual health services all had negative stereotypes, meaning that people remain without the necessary help just because they are often afraid to apply for it. They explained that although drug use is rampant amongst gay men, they were unlikely to use drug treatment centres because of it’s affiliation to heroin and crack users. Similarly, people who used legal highs did not want to reach out to these treatment centres because they feel that they do not take such stigmatised drugs.


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