Evan Rachel Wood had been raped, tortured and tried to kill herself twice


The Westworld actress, who came out as bisexual in 2011, said she remembers waking up of being sexually assaulted by a person who told her he loved her but in fact only abused her repeatedly to ‘prove her love’ to her abusers, she felt weak and believed she deserved pain. “I thought I was the only human who experienced this, and I carried so much guilt and confusion about my response to the abuse,” she spoke to a House Judiciary Subcommittee in order to get the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act implemented in all states. The actress, who also starred in Thirteen, said the abuse by her ex-boyfriend “started slow but escalated over time, including threats against my life, severe gaslighting and brainwashing”. She was abused mentally, physically and sexually, she felt her life was ruined, she struggles with consequences even a decade later. Wood recounted “sick rituals of binding me up by my hands and feet” and being “beaten and told unspeakable things. My self esteem and spirit were broken. I was deeply terrified and that fear lives with me to this day,” she shared. What happens to a rape victim afterwards is “a huge part of the conversation that needs much more attention,” she told the hearing, “So often we speak of these assaults as no more than a few minutes of awfulness, but the scars last a lifetime. Seven years after my rapes – plural – I was diagnosed with long-term PTSD, which I had been living with all that time without knowledge about my condition”.


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