Republicans say that Trump is more LGBT-supportive than Obama


The leader of LGBT group the Log Cabin Republicans has insisted that Donald Trump supports LGBT Americans more than any other President. It is uncommon for Republican Presidents to support LGBT but Trump does it more actively that any other Republican President and even than some Democrats, the group believes. The Log Cabin Republicans group claims to advocate for LGBT rights within the Republican Party. The group has repeatedly opposed decisions on LGBT issues taken during the Trump administration’s time in office, but not Trump himself. And now, Angelo has not just maintained this position but built on it, by implying that Trump is even more pro-LGBT than his Democratic predecessor Obama and former rival Clinton because Trump believes that that marriage equality is a settled issue. Neither Obama nor Clinton ever challenged it. Same-sex marriage was made legal in the US in 2015 – under Obama – making it impossible for any other President to have entered the White House believing marriage equality was law.


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