Bi youtuber and her trans girlfriend were abused by Uber driver


Video creator NeonFiona took to Twitter to recount the alleged ordeal in which an Uber driver went on a “transphobic” rant against her and her transgender girlfriend that made both feel uncomfortable because they say they had not dealt with such a transphobia before. The driver was unaware that one of the passengers was trans but a segment on the radio about trans people made him furious. “it was just kindly prompted by the tragically racist and transphobic radio station he had on,” said the youtuber, “Things got really bad when the radio station he had chosen stopped playing music… and began talking about trans people and race issues, with a LOT of damaging language such as ‘a man can live his life for fifty years as a man then suddenly say he’s a woman?! That’s crazy!’,” she told GSN.


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