Gay skater Adam Rippon spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about celebrity crushes


And now, Adam – who during the Games was embroiled in Sally Field’s attempts to set him up with her son, director Sam Greisman – confessed that he liked Jake Gyllenhaal and used to fancy Harry Styles in the past. Frankly speaking, we understand such a choice! But everything was over with Harry after Adam slept on Shawn Mendes (he insisted that the pronoun ‘on’ is correct and it was not literally. Probably a poster fell down from the wall in the bed, all people who had celebrity crushes have experienced something like that) and realized that he was cute. Indeed, even Tom Daley once said that if he had not been married, Shawn Mendes would have been his crush. Though Ellen noted that all these cute guys – Jake, Harry, Shawn – prefer girls, and Adam should be realistic and find some real-life gay person to make him happy. Adam said it was not the first such piece of advice and he would consider it, but as for that particular moment he wanted to send his love to only one gay person – Ellen. “I’ve been wanting to be on this show and meet you since – I was born 28 years ago, so maybe for 27 of them, at least, I’ve been wanting to be here, so this – this is it,” he said. Dreams come true.


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