Harvard Christian Group suspended for asking a bisexual woman to resign


A Harvard University faith group are to be supervised for a year after they removed the leader of their group for being honest about her same-sex relationships. The group, named Harvard College Faith and Action, have been placed on probation by the prestigious institution for asking the leader to leave as she wrote an email to her colleague (and friend) sharing her joy, telling how special and amazing her female partner is: “This person really makes me laugh, makes me feel safe, and can get me to breath[e] again during times of hyperventilating in a really bad panic attack, challenges me to be a better person for myself, others, and God. “I know a person or relationship doesn’t ‘fix you,’ but I can honestly say that having this relationship has been an incredible support that has helped me get to the point that I am at now,” she wrote.

In response, two of the group leaders were said to have had a meeting with the student, in which she was then expelled from the society, though the university rules forbid to discriminate against anyone on the the sexuality basis. The university spokesman issued a statement that read: “After a thorough review and finding that HCFA had conducted itself in a manner grossly inconsistent with the expectations clearly outlined in [the Office of Student Life’s] Student Organization Resource and Policy Guide, OSL has placed HCFA on a one year administrative probation. ”


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