Heathers TV reboot pulled off air


The release of a TV series based on the cult film Heathers has been postponed following a massive backlash in media. Paramount show Heathers was an attempt to update the 1989 film – in which murderous teens wreak havoc in their high school social circle – for the modern times.The TV reboot updates the original Heathers trio for the modern age – with genderqueer character Heather Duke played by actor Brendan Scannell, while Jasmine Mathews plays Heather McNamara, who lies to everyone about her sexuality, she tells everyone that she is a lesbian though in fact she is attracted to men. Early reviews had been extremely negative about the swipes at the online social justice movement. One reviewer branded the show a “Trumpian, LGBT-Bashing Nightmare” that portrayed queer people as “bullies”. A public statement attributed the decision to postpone the show to the Parkland school shooting.


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