Jack Monroe quit Twitter because it is harmful for mental health


Author and journalist Jack Monroe has quit Twitter, writing a lengthy post explaining that years in Twitter brought more bad than good in their life. They understood it following a Twitter battle with a Bath Conservative Party councillor who offended parents that believe child supply not to be enough. Monroe’s popular blog ‘Cooking on a Bootstrap’ included their personal need to feed themself and their child for £10 a week in times of financial difficulty. The non-binary food blogger wrote: “I’m really quite sad to be writing this but I have thought about it long and hard and it seems to be the best thing for my mental and physical health, so with a heavy heart and a weighty self loathing…” They are who they are, a single non-binary parent who loves to spend time in the kitchen and fights for the rights of women and LGBT community, and they will continue doing this, but without Twitter.


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