James Corden never told his kids about LGBT. But if they ask, he will


British TV host and prominent LGBT ally James Corden has never taught his kids that there are boys loving boys and girls loving girls. They have seen such people, they know they exist. But it never made them feel curious, they are just people who love each other, it is a part of everyday life. But if kids want to know more, daddy James is ready to tell them that 2 men (or two women) can love each other the same way he loves their mom Julia. “They haven’t brought it up, but we have lots of gay friends – like our friends Chris and Mark – who have come over a lot and stayed with us,” says the father of three children, the youngest of which is just 3 years old. His own parents taught him to love everybody and he wants to do the same for his children. “No-one is born wanting to dislike anyone, and my parents wanted to accept everyone,” he said.


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