Liberal Democrats: Let boys wear skirts!


Liberal Democrat MPs have backed a campaign for uniforms in British schools to become gender-neutral. The motion calls for “the adoption of a gender-neutral school uniform policy [that] creates an environment in which everyone is accepted and students are not labelled by the clothing they wear”, and “welcomes the growing trend toward gender-neutral uniform policies”. The authors hope that it will give schoolkids a sign that school is a safe place where everybody can be loved and accepted regardless of gender, that they have multiple choices and ways to express themselves without being condemned. “150 schools across the UK are already doing this and now it has the backing of the Scottish government. It’s time the whole of the UK embraced this move and accept that children should not be unnecessarily labelled by their clothing,” it reads. The gender neutral policy would give children the choice to wear the uniform they prefer irrespective of gender – for example, trousers or a skirt. The MPs also called on the UK Government “to encourage all schools to introduce a non-prescriptive, gender-neutral school uniform policy”. They were joined by two SNP MPs, Alan Brown and Alison Thewliss, and Conservative MP Peter Bottomley.


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