Musician Le1f talks about a racist abuse he faced using dating apps


Rapper Le1f is one of many BME gay people who have to face racism head-on in the LGBTQ community.  People often note in their bios on dating apps that they would not like to date someone of another race, but it is not even the worst. For the most part, Le1f had figured out a way to resist Grindr racists but one of them started massaging him and his words were humiliating and abusive. “You probably barely speak English; but if you ever do get an education and quit your addiction to getting stoned, then you might learn to have a conversation,” the person wrote, using the N-word repeatedly. Le1f, real name Khalif Diouf, shared the offensive massages received by him with his Instagram followers. “I’m being hella loose and casual on the gram these days but I think y’all should never not see what it’s like to be black,” he wrote alongside the screenshot.


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