One more terrible story about a trans woman in male prison


A transgender woman who has been living as female for 40 years is being forcibly strip-searched by male guards and was held captive in all-male prison for an offence which is not even considered violent. The 53-year-old has spent nearly four decades living as female, having been initially diagnosed with gender dysphoria in early teens but the court refused to transfer her to female custody. At a hearing this week, prison officers claimed they could not transfer the woman because other prisoners could be against it, bit she was given a single cell and access to hormone treatment.It is definitely not enough because she is abused and harassed by fellow inmates in part when she uses shower (she has to get naked in front of them) and guards (also makle) strip-search her much oftener than others. The legal filing calls for the Department of Correction prison officials to stop “using male correctional officers to conduct strip searches of Jane Doe”, to stop “forcing Jane Doe to shower in the presence of men and with a shower curtain that does not adequately cover her”, to “train all staff on how to appropriately accommodate, treat and communicate with individuals with Gender Dysphoria”, to stop “using male pronouns when speaking to or about Jane Doe”, and to stop “referring to Jane Doe by her former male name”.


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