Gay fan of Gothic culture wants to add a black strip to the rainbow flag


Darkness Vlad Tepes is campaigning for the goth LGBTQ community to be included into the rainbow flag. He believes that there are many people who are goth and LGBT at once, because belonging to some subculture does not define sexuality and vice versa. But gay goths cannot be represented due to the lack of black color in Pride symbols, he believes. “Gay people are already accepted within the gothic community only we don’t have a flag,” he added.Tepes launched the campaign to have his local council recognise the “need” for the black stripe. Openly gay MP Nigel Evans, of Ribble Valley which is Tepes constituency, said that LGBTQ community couldn’t “get more inclusive” and that the flag recognises the “diversity” within the community. Of course, there can be gay goths, gay rappers, gay rockers, gay tolkienists or whoever, they belong to the spectrum (rainbow). It is possible to combine symbols of different communities and cultures you belong to. Black gothic outfit with rainbow accessories looks very stylish!


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