Gay Trinidadian has to flee to the UK due to alleged relationships with a judge


Gay Trinidadian Dillian Johnson fled to the UK to seek asylum after a man attempted to murder him allegedly for his connection to chief justice, Ivor Archie. Mr. Johnson wanted to keep relationships in secret,
but when he was close to lose his life he thought it would be better to speak out. “I now feel obliged to respond in the light of an apparent attempt to kill me and extensive, sometimes misleading, media coverage in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Johnson, adding that he fled to the UK because the local police did nothing to prevent the attack or at least to find the shooter, so he feels unprotected in his country. Archie, who is married, could also risk losing his job, prosecution and imprisonment if the relationship is proven because people in Trinidad and Tobago are punished up to 25 years behind bars for being gay. British Human Rights campaigner is supporting Johnson’s bid to remain in the UK as he faces “a well-founded fear of persecution” in his own country.


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