The law re-banning same-sex marriages in Bermuda will be enacted in May


The country’s Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown today announced the plans to enact the Domestic Partnership Act, which abolishes same-sex marriage in a region less than a year after weddings began. Same-sex marriages are to be transformed into domestic partnerships, giving same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual spouses across the country, though they won’t be internationally recognized as married. “The Registrar certificate for marriage, issued by the Registrar-General, under either of these Acts on or before May 12, 2018, will be treated as a licence for domestic partnership if the couple do not marry on or before May 31, 2018,” the statement on behalf of the Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown reads. The Domestic Partnership Act outlawing gay weddings will come fully into effect from June 1 – which also marks the start of Pride Month.


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