Munroe Bergdorf says sorry for a homophobic joke


The Labour Party’s new LGBT+ advisor Munroe Bergdorf, has apologised for a tweet she sent before her transition about “gay bashing” a character from a popular TV show Glee. But a tweet surfaced late in the week from 2011, in which she joked that she would have “gay bashed” the TV character Kurt.“Kurt Hummel on Glee is probably THE most annoying character on television. Even I’d like to gay bash him! #stopitjuststop,” she tweeted. Bergdorf has now issued an apology on Twitter saying that now she is not the same person she used to be 7 years ago and now she would not have said it. ” I want to begin this letter by apologizing. I am sincerely and wholly sorry – both to those who I cruelly speak about in those tweets,” sh wrote, adding that she is apologizing to the whole LGBT community she is now proud to represent: “Again, I am sorry for these disappointing posts. I feel as let down as you, but this is certainly not what I think of others or how I treat others. I’ve learned first hand that unless you learn to love yourself, you have no hope of loving others.”


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