Sir Elton John supports Commonwealth LGBT campaigners


Sir Elton John has backed young activists campaigning for LGBT rights in Commonwealth countries this week in a personal letter that he wrote together with his husband David Furnish. In the letter Sir Elton stated that the activists deserve being praised and appreciated for encouraging the “cross-boundary dialogue to develop greater understanding, compassion and tolerance of an individual’s sexuality.” Canadian-born Furnish, who has only recently become a British citizen, has always belonged to the Commonwealth and he noted that LGBT rights there are moving forward in comparison to the past however there is still a lot of work to be done in this direction. “As an institution it has incredible potential to reset the balance in terms of human rights and human dignity. It would also have a huge impact on the HIV epidemic in the Commonwealth,” Furnish wrote. 36 Commonwealth countries continue to criminalize same-sex relations and more than 90% of Commonwealth citizens live in an area which criminalizes LGBT+ people.


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