A Fantastic Woman wins Best Foreign Language Film at Oscars 2018


Chilean film A Fantastic Woman has taken home the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, its only nomination. The film director Sebastian Lello thanked the leading actress Daniela Vega and her co-star Francisco Reyes Morandé for their incredible work. The filmmaker also noted that Vega as an amazing actress who also happens to be a transgender woman served as a source of inspiration for the movie. “This film was made by a lot of friends and artists. I share this with all of you tonight,” the director finished his speech. Vega’s character Marina has to deal with the death of the man she loved and trying to accept herself the way she was as the rest of the world refused to recognize her true self. Screening in several film festivals internationally, A Fantastic Woman had been very well received, particularly for Vega’s performance. The magazine said she deserved “so much more than political praise,” and was one of many publications heaping compliments on the actress.


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