Adoptive dads saved a boy from abuse and now he is happy

Boy walking with two men in a park

The young boy, who asked not to reveal his name, shared that he had been taken away from home when he was a toddler. He does not remember it, but those who took him out of there told him it was not the place that a little boy should call his home and people who we with him also did not deserve an honorable title of parents. Officers found him locked in a room in poor conditions, and he was immediately put into foster care and was later adopted by a same-sex family. He explained that he remembered being anxious as his whole life had been thrown up into the air, but when he came to the new home where he was loved and taken care about, his life started to normalize. The boy’s adopted dads added that they were very nervous before they met their son and they were afraid that he might be bullied by classmates because his dads are gay. But they have never regretted about the journey that turned them from a loving couple into a loving family. They believe that more and more people, more and more couples (no matter gay or straight) should consider adoption as an option. It changes lives, and not only one life of a little boy or a little girl you decide to adopt, but lives of all people in this world because there is nothing as great as when a heart desperately willing to give lover finds another heart desperately willing to be loved.


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