Stars of a drama about a trans child hope to change the world


The series called Butterfly will be showcased in three parts and tells the story of an 11-year-old child who wants to transition with the support of their mum Vicky, played by Anna Friel. It is the first trans-related show to be aired on one of the leading British TV networks and it is aimed to solve a problem of poor trans representation on British TV. Cast and crew of the upcoming mini-series said that trans adults are rarely but depicted in films, but as for children, they are shown mostly in documentaries and the ratings of documentaries are rather low. “We are telling one family’s story, it’s not an issue piece, it’s a family drama,” said co-producer Louise Sutton. Butterfly centres around 11-year-old Maxine as she and her family come to terms with her transition and go through the process of accessing medical support. Anna Friel stars as Maxine’s supportive yet pressured mother, alongside In The Flesh star Emmett J Scanlan as Maxine’s more reluctant father.


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