Cruise ship industry forced out of Bermuda following same-sex marriage ban


The cruise ship industry is facing pressure to relocate ships registered in Bermuda as the country announced re-banning same-sex marriages a few months after legalizing them. The new law has caused chaos in the cruise ship industry, as a large number of ships are domiciled in the British overseas territory because of financial reasons and they are forced to obey the Bermuda laws which means that holding same-sex wedding ceremonies on hoard is not allowed anymore. Carnival, a cruise ship conglomerate which operates 24 Bermuda-registered ships under subsidiaries Cunard, Princess and P&O Cruises, is now facing pressure to end the arrangement and move its registrations elsewhere and such a decision has already been highly condemned by the LGBT campaigners. In a response, a spokesperson for Cunard said: “Having been delighted and wholly supportive of the Bermuda Government’s change in law last May, which allowed us to conduct same sex marriages on board our ships we are disappointed with this more recent outcome. We will now be working closely with the Bermudan authorities to understand the legalities of ‘Domestic Partnership Act’ and whether we can offer our guests same sex marriages in the future.”


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